Observing Aids - how to observe in lighted areas
Help Prevent
There are occaisons when you are observing and no option but to live with light trespass. Here are some ways to work around the issue:
  • In same cases a Light Pollution filter will dramatically help with Mercury or Sodium lights (ie most street and porch lights)
  • Use a sheild (simple piece of cardboard will work until the dew settles in) on the open end of your telescope. If you have a truss scope ensure you have the shrowd installed. Short term you could use a sheet or blanket.
  • Have an observing partner stand beside you to help bock the light from entering the eye piece
  • Ask the neibours to turn the lights down or off for the one night
  • Use rope and a tarp to erect a temporary wall to block the offending light
  • Plant evergreen shrubs (year round protection) between yourself and your neibour for long term observing locations - tall enough for the light but not to tall to block your views!
  • Drive to a darker site
  • Contact your local power supply company (ie NBPower). There are shields available for dusk to dawn lights, (and black spray paint). But a cobra head is different, there will probably be traffic/pedestrian visibility issues. If it is located near a stream or wetland you have a valid complaint, and action should be taken.
  • Pamplet available for download from Earth Day 2008 with additional information regarding light pollution