How to help Prevent Light Pollution
Help Prevent
sample lights The first step in helping with the problem is to be part of the solution. Limit exterior lighting the the essentials and worst case... use motion activated security lights verses all-night spot lamps.

Sample of appropriate exterior light fixtures are shown above.

Other ways you can assist in reducing light trespass:
  • Invite your neibours to see through your telescope with the lights off then show them the same object with the lights on
  • When you are observing invite your neibours to come over
  • Help educate friends and neibours about the cost of lighting... nothing is as cheap as turned off!
  • Encourage local government to utilize fully shielded street lighting

There have been links to impact to environmental impact on birds, animals, and amphibians. Initiatives such as this have helped enable safe zones from artifically environmental impacts. Below are a couple of initiatives to help reduce the impact of light trespass on the environment (frogs and birds in these instances).

HYLA PARK NATURE PRESERVE - New Tree Frog in Fredericton
Location: Greenwood Drive, Northside
Canada's First Amphibian Park - you'll almost certainly hear a flute-like trilling sound over the din of hungry mosquitoes. The trill is the call of the gray treefrog. This tiny frog - Hyla versicolor in Latin - gives Hyla Park its name and is the main reason for the nature preserve's existence. Visitors will also find a variety of trees and flowers, including three rare plant species: the red milkwort, the purple gerardia, and the small-flowered gratiola. A self-guided trail brochure is available and arrangements can be made for a guided tour.

The Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP)
Working to Safeguard Migratory Birds in the Urban Environment through Education, Research, Rescue and Rehabilitation